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September 07, 2007


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Glad to have someone from Lefthand blogging these days. We've been a customer for almost 4 years now, and we've been extremely pleased with how the Lefthand solution has progressed. Our VMware boxes don't have much onboard storage, so the VM appliance doesn't help us much, but I'm glad to see you guys streching the boundaries of what storage and virtualization can do. Keep up the posts!

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The Virtual View

  • Virtualization is the foundation of every open iSCSI SAN LeftHand delivers today. In fact, the technical name given to SAN/iQ storage software platform in its patent is “Distributed Network Storage with Virtualization.” SAN/iQ can virtualize the storage in a server from inside a virtual machine or virtualize storage across a networked cluster of enterprise-class x86 storage servers, with it all appearing as a centrally managed storage pool with all the features of an enterprise class SAN – truly the ultimate Virtual View.