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  • Mike Moroze is the lead usability professional at LeftHand Networks. His many years of experience in usability span the early days of cell-phone design through today's graphical user interfaces. He's been focused on the usability of LeftHand Networks' storage solutions for the last few years. Mike is passionate around making technology easier to use and instilling a customer-focused culture. Mike's current focus is on making sophisticated, advanced storage solutions easier to use, and ensuring the total customer experience is a positive one at LeftHand Networks. If you have feedback or suggestions, drop Mike a note at


John Spiers is a founder of LeftHand Networks. John’s early days started with the development of the storage industries’ first hard disk drive for the IBM PC XT. 23 years later, John is still helping blaze the trail for next generation storage technologies.

Having also worked as a software engineer and the head of an IT department for years, John has a unique understanding of the challenges IT customers face day-to-day. If he’s not educating and helping customers architect their storage solutions, he’s out bouncing his ideas off the industry’s “brain trust.”

John is an outspoken advocate of IP convergence and is passionate about the transformation of complicated IT environments into consolidated, simply managed data centers that leverage advances in clustering and virtualization technology.