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October 09, 2008


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Kishore Kumar Pillai


I consider this as one of the best acquisition HP had done in the recent years in storage. Apart from the value-add it brings to HP from Entry level to Mid -Range Storage Networks, It is a good answer from HP when it comes from competitors ,Dell -EqualLogic and IBMs XIV (in terms of architecture and not pricing).

~kishore pillai

Tom Hall

Sure its good for HP there storage line needed (and still needs) a serious refresh, it might even be good for Lefthand. However, speaking as longterm customer of HP, I'm yet to be convinced that its anything other than harmful to Lefthand's customers.

John Spiers

Hi Tom, thanks for the comment. I'm not sure the nature of your concern, but so far the response from LeftHand customers has been very positive. LeftHand's outstanding support team is still intact and growing. Our customers are also very excited about the technical synergies between the two companies. I'm personally excited that HP is going to help us add the additional resources we need to help accelerate the development of some new, very exciting features.

Have a great holiday and thanks again for your comment!

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