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October 28, 2008


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Hi guys,
Lefthand looks awesome, but can I use my legacy SANs and grow into a LeftHand SAN? If so, which are the limitations? do I need to be 100% iSCSI, or can I use a server as a bridge between my iSCSI infrastructure and my FC SANs?


John Spiers

Hi Pablo,

Yes, you can connect the same server to a LeftHand iSCSI SAN and your existing Fibre Channel SAN. This will allow you to migrate data between the two, although you will have to use unique drive letters or device names for the LeftHand SAN volumes. There is also a way to present your Fibre Channel LUNs to LeftHand’s VSA software, which makes your Fibre Channel LUNs part of the LeftHand SAN, allowing you to automatically migrate all your data to the LeftHand SAN using Snapshot and Remote Copy, or Volume Replication.

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The Virtual View

  • Virtualization is the foundation of every open iSCSI SAN LeftHand delivers today. In fact, the technical name given to SAN/iQ storage software platform in its patent is “Distributed Network Storage with Virtualization.” SAN/iQ can virtualize the storage in a server from inside a virtual machine or virtualize storage across a networked cluster of enterprise-class x86 storage servers, with it all appearing as a centrally managed storage pool with all the features of an enterprise class SAN – truly the ultimate Virtual View.